August 2005

Anna passed her Series 6 license exam this morning.

Just as I was posting the tale of cookie’s broken legged adventure I heard an awful ruckus coming from the library (aka Cookie’s Isolation Chamber of Rehabilitation). He had managed to trash about and remove his head cone. It is now safely reattached after some petting.

cookie, the broken legged cat, is taking this whole experience amazingly. as a word of warning, some of these pics are close ups of a healing incision into cookie’s leg. cookie is still the most affectionate cat at all times. his surgery went well. they shaved him from the spine over on his left hand side and the middle of his back, but they did not do the tail.

cookie: the tail is on the left in this picture with no head
the tail is on the left in this picture with no head

He only got a short incision that has been sealed with 5 staples.

cookie with his staples

This morning he got to go back to the vet for a checkup because he ripped out one end on each of a few of his staples.

cookie with his ripped out staples

Cookie got a few staples removed, a few new ones and a head cone. The vet said the incision is healing well.

cookie and the head cone cookie and the head cone 2


You can see one of cookie’s really cool dark grey stripes in the above left picture. It makes him look like he is crying.

Cookie got out of the head cone once, but hasn’t tried again since, or it has been tied well enough this time (but still loose enough for him to breathe, i’ve checked it several times). he is still purring and still loves to be pet. he is a vicious ninja in the ways of sneaking into your lap. Anna gave him different food and water dishes to make sure that he can get to them with his head cone. He bumbs into things with his cone. Poor guy.

cookie and the  ninja style lap sitting the new bowls


Yesterday I got home, let the dog out, went into the bedroom, and laid down on the floor next to the cat (my cat, not one of my foster babies). She turned into a purr-tastic fur blob and I was just lazily petting her for a while. Then I took a nap with my hand resting gently on the cat. That was nice, the first nap I’ve taken in a while. When I woke up a good 30-minute power nap later the cat was still curled up by me. I went out to check on the dog. She was sprawled out in a dirt patch at the corner of the house so I left her there, and laid on the couch. The cat crawled up and lay with her full body pressed against my stomach and I drifted off again for a little while. There are very few things as satisfying as a warm body snuggled up against you. A bit later, the dog jumped against the sliding glass door with her front two paws, the cat fled the scene and I got back up to let the dog in and get back into the day.

i just read this blog post from arse poetica where she talks about Phyllis Schlafly‘s appearance on Bill Maher.

Here’s an example of the type of words that spill out of Phyllis’s mouth:

If “the gays” want to change our laws, “they” should go to the legislature to change the laws; “they” should not run to a supremacist judge to change the laws.

Phyllis Schlafly is the hatefilled mom/monster who runs, a site with this tag line— Leading the “pro-family” movement since 1972. (Note: The quotes around pro-family are mine). She has a gay child and I guess she doesn’t think gay people can have a “family” as the tag line of her website seems to imply.

From arse poetica’s post:

Only for the type of person who’d want to crow about “special rights” (GRRR) for LBGT folks, like, you know, her child. Other moms would want their children to have rights and lives free of discrimination. Period.

I can’t fathom how this lady’s mind works. I’ll never be a mom (being a boy and all) but I may be a parent some day, and I know that I would love my child no matter what, I know that I would want my child to have the same rights as everyone else. I just can’t believe there are people in the world like Phyllis. I know my mom would have loved me just as much if I had been gay. I wish everyone’s mom would have been a loving as my own.

I was taking a quiz on on Native American cultural awareness last night which corey sent me and I came across this question.

Of all the major racial and ethnic groups in the United States, which one lives in the most residentially segregated environment?

  1. African Americans
  2. Hispanic Americans
  3. Asian Americans
  4. Native Americans
  5. None of the above

The answer is e. None of the above.

In the United States, White Americans are the most residentially segregated racial group (they are least likely to have contact with members of another race).

this is a neat home concept, the micro compact home. I love these eco-friendly home design companies as much for their optimistic view of humanity’s desire to save the planet as for the aesthetic of their designs. the micro compact home looks pretty sweet, if a little small. still i think i would prefer the yurt. have you ever seen one? i’d love to have one as a vaction home in the pacific northwest somewhere. doesn’t using it as a vacation home seem to conflict with the purpose of these eco-friendly dwellings?

I just got this over my feed reader (via justinsomnia) and I will be playing this game for a while anytime I’m out with my geekier friends, I think I’ll keep a copy of the rules in my wallet for reference.


When someone says…

  • Web 2.0 – take a drink
  • Long Tail – finish your drink
  • Open Source Stack – take a shot
  • Monetizing – take a drink
  • Productizing – take a drink
  • Business Models (plural) – take a shot
  • Ruby on Rails – everyone trade drinks

justinsomnia ask for some suggestions to add to the list. I was thinking “folksonomy”.

Ferrix was adopted this weekend. Just smidget and sweet thang are left. Yay! Cookie went in to have surgery today on his broken leg. The official word is that his femur neck has a complete fracture on his back left leg.

Missy, one of the foster cats, got adopted. Just three kittens left from the group of 8.

  • smidget, who we’ll have for a while because she is still only 2 pounds and needs to be three pounds before we can get her fixed (pics in this post)
  • sweet thang, a mostly black calico kitty who is very skittish because evil children threw rocks at her— but she will play when coaxed and loves to be pet once you go find her, wherever she happens to be hiding
  • ferrix, a tabby who is just the calmest little dear (you can pick him up and he’ll just lay across your arms purring) until you pull out the stick with the feather on the end, then he turns into a swatting machine that is all claws and jumping muscles. he was named ferris, but the vet misheard me, so his official paperwork is ferrix and thats what we call him

Sweet Thang is on the right, she has her cute little tongue stuck out and ferrix is on the left.
sweet thang and ferrix

This is cookie, the noogie monster with the hurt leg hanging out in the hallway with angel.

cookie gets along well with angel and is trying to make friends with schizo, but schizo is not having any of it. schizo will growl and then angel has to come running in and get between them, at which point, everyone backs down and backs away, though schizo will let an extra growl or two go as she slinks away. angel is a wonderful mediator in the pet world. she could be a hostage negotiator if she could just talk.

It looks like someone else read the victoria beckham have never read a book article and this person was inspired to do more than make a measly blog post, he wrote an entire article for the guardian defending the merit of people who don’t read. He asks the question, “Since when did a regular quota of suitably serious reading matter become obligatory?” He makes some good points, but all it really comes down to are these two: people are all different and overall people are snotty ( and think that their interests are the right interests and all good people should have the same ones ). I think hese two points are mostly true. But what is his message? Acceptance.

I somewhat wonder how he can even ask the question about the regular quota of serious reading. Is this peer pressure he feels? Is his message of accepting difference really directed at people he knows or does he truly believe that the general public thinks that everyone must read some serious material? And if he does, does this make the non-readers into self-loathers for not reading serious material?

We’ve got this air-plant thingy growing up a tree in our front yard. It bloomed just after we bought the house. They lasted a few weeks each, it had blooms for maybe a little more than a month and then they disappeared. Well its been about a year since the home buying adventure and the plant is in bloom again. These blooms are really spectacular, a shock of an almost radioactive, glowing, red with purple tips and a coat of white frost sprinkled on the inside. Here is a picture of the whole plant growing up a live oak tree.

the whole plant

And some close ups of the blooms

the arty shotup close

I really loved the diffused blue light in these shots, especially the last one. These shots were taken just after the rain in the evening without a flash, and my house, being blue, might have added to the tint of the photo. There were about the same number of active blooms on the plant at any one point when it was blooming last year. I hope that it fills with blooms this year. Does anyone happen to know what the plant is?

Look like this might have been another case of a child sharing a name with a terrorist. Anna and I were talking about this and she brought up a good point. You can’t really blame the lowly worker that stops the child from boarding the plane at first. They are probably a little scared for their job the first time a name matches, even though they’re sure its a mistake, they might as well call their supervisor. Again, the same theory applies to their supervisor too. Each of these children will probably set off a chain of phone calls going higher and higher up the corporate totem pole until someone has the authority to exercise common sense and I think that highlights the problem, too many people with jobs where they are not allowed to use any judgement. Its understandable in some professions. A construction worker does not need to second guess architectural plans, but a strict set of rules does not work for all systems.

My earlier post referencing test tube grown meat was about a serious bit of excitement, to counter balance that, I bring you Meat Growing Robots (via).

I really love the picture from the website.
a meat growing robot illustration i assume

In this article, a researcher in the netherlands worries over whether oil alternatives will be available when oil prices rise so high as to make it an untenable resource.

The article doesn’t mention the concept of “peak oil” specifically, but it is the generally known name for the concept that is being discussed. I have no idea when we will start to run out of oil, but considering the rates at which our planet now consumes oil and the rates at which our planet is able to create oil, i know it will eventually begin to run out. When this happens the price will skyrocket, especially if the world is still as dependent on oil as it is today, as people fight with their money over control of the dwindling supply. It is a scary thought and I really don’t have any solutions, but I tell you, I’d really like to hear a politician mention the phrase “peak oil”. I want to hear about it from someone other than just researchers, scientists and my hippie nutjob brethern, please, someone with reach get the world involved. I’m not even hoping they have a solution, I’d just like to see more ideas like this brought to the forefront of the public discussion space. I’d like to see some money thrown at finding a solution before we have to throw all our money into hoarding the remaining drops of oil.

Is this what makes me a hippie? I just want people to realize that the world is in a little bit of trouble, that we need to work harder at finding solutions to problems before they creep up on us. Its cool to wait til there is a leak in the plumbing to fix it if it is your house, its just not cool to wait when its the big house that is our planet. After re-reading that last bit, “big house that is our planet”, yes yes, thats what makes me a hippie.

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